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“When I set up six coaching sessions with Bob, we had one clear goal in mind — to find a way to get me on the road to my next business project. I knew what it was, but had somehow become “stuck” in the execution. Through our first five sessions, Bob raised challenging questions and put propositions to me, which spoke to me personally and professionally. When we got to session six, in spite of the provocative conversations, I was concerned that we might end up lost at sea. Instead, Bob pulled a rabbit out of his hat. He took me back to an observation I had made in our very first session, and showed me how to use it to liberate myself and move ahead decisively with my new business venture. As well, he added value dimensions to it that I hadn’t previously seen. Working with Bob was a real pleasure and worth every minute of it. I can highly recommend him as a first-rate motivator and professional coach.”

– Coachee, Lawyer/Entrepreneur

“Bob’s critical listening skills coupled with his curiosity and common sense approach make him a natural for this field. He was able to make me realize exactly just what is important to me and how to keep these priorities in my work life. Bob is also talented at illustrating how one’s strengths, experiences and skills can easily be applied and transferred to a broader spectrum of possibilities. Thanks Bob!

– Coachee, Retail Industry Consultant

“Bob is an amazing strategic advisor and I would not be where I am today without his help.

I was stuck! I had a very successful online advertising business in the global security industry, but did not know where to go next…sell, grow, diversify…I was totally frozen and confused. Then Bob stepped in. Within 3 months of starting our weekly sessions Bob had me engaged, focused and in control of my future. That was just the start. Then every week I really looked forward to working with Bob to plan out the actionable areas. The weekly sessions kept me moving in the right direction and Bob’s enthusiasm and insights were much needed especially in the early stages of my growth.

Bob does not mess around. He forces you to recognize your weaknesses and strengths and then helps you to discover strategies to capitalize on them. This was especially important for me as an owner –operator.

I have now just launched not one but two new business extensions and they are already successful. This would not have been possible without Bob’s thoughtful guidance .

I would highly recommend Bob to any business that is looking to grow!”

– Coachee, Founder/Entrepreneur, B2B Online Portal

“As a coach and adviser, Bob brings insight, enthusiasm and the expertise born of his own business and entrepreneurial successes.  Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all program on his subjects, he teaches them to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses in order to understand both the qualities that got them to where they are – and the areas where they need to improve to keep moving ahead.  That’s much harder than it may at first seem – but Bob succeeds because he really listens, and he knows how to direct the sessions in such a way that those strengths and weaknesses soon become evident to the subject.  And most important, he also teaches his subjects how to better use their strengths – and the best way to confront and overcome their weaknesses.  I am today a much better leader – and more self-aware as a person – as a result of my sessions with him.”

– Coachee, Not-for-Profit CEO

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Bob on a variety of projects over the past 15 years…he has the vision to see what’s coming and the intellectual energy and determination required to exploit emerging opportunities. Bob is also easy to do business with – he is as open, collaborative and respectful as he is creative. I look forward to future opportunities to work with him.”

— David Morrow, Chief Commercial Officer at PrintFleet Inc. worked with Bob at KPMG

“Bob was an excellent mentor and very clever at coining new concepts. His energy was always present with the team even in his absence. If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely work with him again.”

— Farah-Kai Ledford, President & CEO, Alfos Consulting, worked indirectly for Bob at CentrSource SA

“My association with Bob at CentrSource was very rewarding – he’s an inspiring leader with an engaging combination of smarts, infectious enthusiasm and a “let’s get it done” drive. With Bob you get a rare combination in an entrepreneur – as expected, he’s highly intelligent, has a great sense of what needs to be done and a commitment to pitch in, but he also listens to, values and accepts others’ input. His breadth of knowledge of the external business and political environments is exemplary, and he demonstrates tremendous intuition in balancing myriad inputs to make sound business decisions.”

— Martin Abel, CPA, CA, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, CentrSource Corp., reported to Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob has both the vision to see “around the corner” to future trends and also the tenacity to pursue the evolution of a concept from idea to reality. I worked with Bob over a number of years as the CentrSource concept became a functioning reality.  As the proverbial entrepreneur, Bob handled each challenge with energy, professionalism, creativity and perseverance. The ultimate result was a consumer solution in market which Bob had seen years before the mainstream thinkers.”

— Scott Ray, GM, New Strategic Partnerships& Business Models, Aeroplan, was with another company when working with Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob offers a rare combination of passion and insight that makes him a great business leader who motivates and inspires his team. Bob has the ability to translate a vision into reality and create a compelling and professional business environment.”

— Lars Hansen, Principal & Owner, C2E Consulting, was a consultant or contractor to Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob is a hard driving entrepreneur with deep insight and understanding of how technology can be harnessed to meet current and emerging consumer needs. He is able to create and lead highly energized multi-functional teams, to clearly articulate company vision and to deliver business advantage. Walsheworks was privileged to work with Bob and will continue to closely follow his future activity.”

— Patrick Walshe, President, Walsheworks Inc., was a consultant or contractor to Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob is a visionary… His ability of where the world is going to be in the future is amazing, not only business-wise, but as well where the politics, economy, etc. is going. He is a democratic, people manager, where arguments counts more than the position. Working with him for 5 years was an honor and an experience, that helped me not only business wise, but as well how to approach life in general.”

— Jure Soklic, VP & GM CentrSource EMEA, CentrSource SA, reported to Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob is an engaging and charismatic leader who motivates his team to buy into his vision and push towards it. He is the consummate critical thinker and is very open to differing points of view in reaching a decision. Bob is constantly observing, learning, and adding to his understanding of the complex relationships that drive behaviour, and ultimately, business results. Bob commits to his decisions and dives in whole-heartedly. He employs intellect, curiosity, and flexibility, along with a healthy dose of humour to keep moving forward. Working with Bob was very rewarding and I would happily join him on another endeavour.”

— Dave Soyka, Director of Marketing, CentrSource, reported to Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob is a true visionary, and sees beyond what most people see. He has a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and is able to translate that into ideas that are unique. Bob is a problem solver, and whenever there was a challenge, Bob would come up with unique and creative ways to take on the challenge. What I most admired about Bob was his passion and his tenacity. Bob doesn’t enter into anything halfway, and he has a real gift for inspiring those around him. Even when challenges do arise, he doesn’t give up, but takes them head on. I enjoyed working with Bob, and learned so much from him.”

— Diane Holmes, Director, CentrSource, OSL Marketing, reported to Bob at CentrSource SA

“Bob is an out-of-the-box thinker, who has a deep understanding of the tactic’s required to help you reach you desired results. I have enjoyed working with him consistently.”

— Emilio Ciampini, Vice President Sales, AIIM Printing, was Bob’s client

“It was a pleasure to work with Bob and participate in his entrepreneurial vision for a highly creative concept in the digital space. He was highly detailed and determined, and provided great direction and inspiration to myself and our team. He has outstanding ability to articulate what is needed in a situation and provide encouragement and reinforcement as you make the journey with him to the end result. He is an excellent collaborator and open to input from others.”

— Peter Francey, President, Spencer Francey Peters, was a consultant or contractor to Bob at Nexeus Inc.

“While at KPMG, I had the good fortune to work with Bob on a number of projects. He was always straight-up, and a great guy to hammer out ideas with as we sought the best solutions for our clients. I also had the good fortune to work with him to help shape and refine something that I still believe to be a billion-dollar business idea. Bob’s persistence in moving it forward passed normal bounds a long time ago. Which is the only reason there’s still a Centrsource, finally demonstrating its power and potential in the global marketplace. I believe Centrsource’s existence and eventual level of success to be a far better advertisement than anything I could say, and look forward to the day we can toast it together with a bottle of William Larue Weller. Here’s to you, Bob!”

— Joe Katzman, Principal, C.A.T. Consulting, was a consultant or contractor to Bob at CentrSource Corp.

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