Feeding Tomorrow’s Billions: Lab-Grown Meat Products, Vertical Farms, AI-Designed Recipes, and More

Feeding Tomorrow’s Billions: Lab-Grown Meat Products, Vertical Farms, AI-Designed Recipes, and MoreFood and agriculture accounts for about 5.9% of the global GDP. Global food retail sales alone account for about $4 trillion/year, and food accounts for 15% of what American households spend each year.

It is an industry ripe for disruption.

Sensors, networks, machine learning/AI, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic genomics, stem cell science, and material science are going to transform how your food is produced, delivered, and consumed.   […]


Singularity University plots hi-tech future for humans

Singularity University plots hi-tech future for humans

Are we moving to an era of highly intelligent robots?  Rob Nail walks into the room looking like a Silicon Valley Doctor Who as played by David Tennant – tailored suit, 3D-printed trainers and the Californian twist on the sonic screwdriver, Google Glass.  But despite spending most of his days predicting what the future will look like, he doesn’t want to become a time lord.  “I feel more like a robot,” says the chief executive of the Singularity University (SU).  He thinks that the gap between humans and robots is closing as biology and silicon increasingly collide.  […]


4 Ways That Quantum Technology Could Transform Health Care

download (60)In July, the International Conference on Quantum Technologies brought together the leading minds in physics to discuss the latest advances in quantum technology. Throughout the course of the conference, presenters demonstrated cutting-edge research with implications for everything from data security to IT to energy. There’s one industry, however, that is especially poised for massive changes on many levels from quantum technology: health care. Quantum technology is set to revolutionize the way we think about health care, medical data, and even our own biology.   […]


Two Billion Jobs to Disappear by 2030

indexBy 2030, more than 2 billion jobs will disappear, roughly 50% of all the jobs on the planet. This is not intended as a doom and gloom scenario, but rather as a wakeup call for the new skillsets we’ll need in the future.

According to McKinsey’s Global Institute, 12 disruptive technologies are at the heart of this disruption: mobile Internet, automation of knowledge and work, Internet of things, cloud technology, advanced robotics, autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles, next-generation genomics, energy storage, 3-D printing, advanced materials, advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery, and renewable energy.  […]


How Neuroscience is Creating “a Brain New World”

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At the risk of coming over as arrogant or self-conceited for saying this about an esteemed Nobel Prize winner, I suspect that Eric Kandel completely underestimates the impact that brain science would have in the 21st century. While it may very well be the major focus in biology, neuroscience is also completely transforming many of the social sciences and other areas of life as we know it. […]


Synthetic Biology Begins To Deliver

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What is changing? Synthetic biology brings together biological sciences, computer modelling and engineering to design and create new biological parts, devices, and systems and to re-design existing, natural biological systems with new capabilities for useful purposes. It has already been heralded as ‘the next big thing’ and its potential […]


Cells as living calculators

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MIT engineers have created synthetic biology circuits that can perform analog computations such as taking logarithms and square roots in living cells.  By combining existing genetic “parts,” or engineered genes, in novel ways, MIT engineers have transformed bacterial cells into living calculators that can […]


Bioengineers 3D print tiny functioning human liver (Wired UK)

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A US biotechnology company has 3D printed a tiny functioning liver in the lab that survived just over five days — more than twice the life expectancy of 2D versions.   Presenting the results at the Experimental Biology conference in Boston, the company explained that although we’re still a […]


Our Next Megatrend

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I think the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning. – Steve Jobs, 2010 We at SV Angel invest in “megatrends.” We pick 4-6 investment themes and invest heavily in each one. Some of these trends include: real-time […]

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