The seven habits of highly effective digital enterprises

The seven habits of highly effective digital enterprises

The age of experimentation with digital is over. In an often bleak landscape of slow economic recovery, digital continues to show healthy growth. E-commerce is growing at double-digit rates in the United States and most European countries, and it is booming across Asia. To take advantage of this momentum, […]


Want to know what e-commerce will look like? Don’t look to Amazon

Want to know what e-commerce will look like? Don’t look to AmazonMuch has changed online in the last decade and the number of buzzwords added to the online retailer’s vocabulary has only caused more unease. A current and heated topic, showrooming poses real challenges for physical retailers all facing one problem, The action of shopping in a physical location, interacting with a product, engaging with sales reps for advice and then purchasing a product online, typically on Amazon, is enough to disrupt an industry operating on lower and lower margins.  […]


The globalisation of e-commerce is now!

The globalisation of e-commerce is now!Cross border e-commerce is expanding rapidly, figures show (11% of Europeans already shop cross-border according to the International Post Corporation), and the experts are unanimous. The challenge e-tailers and their providers face over the next few years is situated beyond their national frontiers. Demand is growing and all parties involved in organising the offering will have to reach agreement on how to respond by setting up efficient, transparent integrated systems. Because the demands of the market are significant, including same-day delivery, returns and pickups. […]


China takes over the US in e-shopping

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China ’s e-commerce market worth nearly $300 billion has surpassed the US to become the world’s top e-shopping market. Some interesting data released by Forrester Research and iResearch , Chinese netizens will spend a collective $296 billion in the whole of 2013, while US e-shoppers will spend $252 billion. […]


EBay to Open ‘Shoppable Windows’ in New York

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E-Bay Inc is launching virtual stores called “shoppable windows” this month that the e-commerce company hopes will help retailers generate more sales from their existing physical store networks. The first four of these screens will open from June 8 through July 7 in busy […]


Online Marketplaces – Amazon continues to bedevil other retailers

Online Marketplaces - Amazon continues to bedevil other retailers


It seems a reasonable bet that many retailers at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2013 in Chicago have at least semi-regular nightmares about the e-commerce beast known as Inc. If so, they should be happy to hear that the No. 1 […]


European E-commerce Big Bang


If you’re listening, you should be hearing a digital “big bang” coming from Europe. Books, electronics, video games are already in the e-commerce mainstream, but there’s a new set of categories that are piercing the digital veil. And that’s where the battleground is going to be for digital euros. […]


Will Mobile Commerce Overtake E-Commerce? [Infographic]



How vital is mobile commerce becoming? Worldwide, mobile commerce is set to hit $119 billion by 2015. The projected amount of retail purchases made online by 2014 is 54%. To better grasp mobile’s incredible growth and its implications, Big Commerce , an e-commerce software software company, recently studied analyst […]


Why Innovation Is So Difficult To Define


Warby Parker CEO: ‘E-Commerce As A Term Will Become Obsolete In… Most Companies Don’t Even Know How To Define Productivity A New Generation Of Philanthropists Is Changing Everything Innovation: It’s something everyone is in favor of, everyone likes the idea of, yet no one […]


‘E-Commerce As A Term Will Become Obsolete In Five Or Six Years’


images11Shortly after Neil Blumenthal launched Warby Parker, the e-commerce eyeware startup known for its $95 retro-cool frames, customers emailed asking if they could “stop by” the company’s Philadelphia headquarters and check out the glasses for themselves. There was just one problem: Warby Parker — the brainchild of Blumenthal and […]

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