You can’t say I don’t listen…

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OK, OK, I hear you.  The feedback on the newsletter was most positive.  “BUT”, you said in the collective – “could you PLEASE not dump 20 or more articles on me each and every time?!”  Accordingly, today marks the beginning of the iterative fine tuning process.  The very first step is to reduce the number of articles presented in each edition of Innovation Digest to a maximum of five.  BUT, if you feel like reviewing the veritable treasure trove of curated articles – refreshed almost daily – you will still find them at for your cerebral dining pleasure. To illustrate, there are 34 really, really great articles posted since the last newsletter!

The very second step will be for me to provide some narrative perspective on the day’s findings.  It seems that there is not indeed TOO much content out there, that in fact it would collectively be appreciated if I would provide some of my trademark POV.  You asked for it.  You will get it.  I am humbled.  But not today.

Today I’d like to review the point to Innovation Digest.

We are too silo’d.  We each fret and fuss over the piece of the world that lies within our other and self-imposed blinders.  We hardly have enough time to sort ourselves out, let alone our organizations – and/or, god forbid, the world.  But we are the leaders – the ones that other ones look to for guidance, inspiration and leadership.  They expect courage, confidence curiosity and conviction – all of which is tough to evidence when in the midst of all that fretting and fussing. Not that there isn’t a great deal to fret and fuss about.  If you think the world has been a dicey, dodgey place till now, you haven’t seen anything yet.  We are standing at the cusp of continuous disruption, that will only abate when continuous disruption becomes the new normal and hence transparent.  That’s a good thing though.  For the most part.

To be forwarned is to be for-armed.  That is my mission with Innovation Digest.  To remove the blinders and the excuses and to share with you enough of the world that we all share so that we are on something like the same page.  Because we live and work on that same page.  I have said that I am focused on the cross-roads of innovation, leadership, trend-spotting and coaching.  Let’s re-order that. Trend-spotting is simply the process of being adequately informed.  You want to be in the C-Suite orbit, you need to know what’s shaping the world, not just your piece of it.  Innovation is the attribute that humans and their collective entities will need to display to make sense of, and master continuous disruption. Leadership is, well, what’s required to author, inspire, drive and constantly refine the mastery of the innovative process. Coaching is the most efficient and effective way to realize one’s full potential as a person and/or collective entity that leads successful innovation amidst the myriad trends spotted and discussed herein.  And I’m here to help.



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